10 Minute Pumpkin Butter | Eating Bird Food

10 Minute Pumpkin Butter | Eating Bird Food

A quick 10 minute pumpkin butter recipe made using the microwave. Only 8 ingredients and a perfect snack for fall!

Pumpkin butter is such a glorious invention. I honestly just googled “who invented pumpkin butter” because I wanted to give this person a shout-out. Alas, even google doesn’t know who invented it or why butter is in the name when there’s absolutely no butter or dairy involved? It’s an unsolved mystery.

I personally feel like it should be called pumpkin jam because that’s what it reminds me of. Maybe we should petition to change the name… or not because there are bigger issues to be petitioning against. #trump

Anyhow, I’m a pumpkin butter lover… even if it doesn’t have any butter. I love using it throughout the fall and winter months — mainly as a spread on toast or a topping for oats, chia pudding, yogurt or pancakes, but I’ve been known to eat it by spoonful here and there as well. No shame.
I usually buy a jar from Trader Joe’s (their version is pretty good and doesn’t have any weird ingredients) or make my slow cooker pumpkin butter, but last week I wanted something quick and easy so I used Kath’s recipe as a guide to make a version free of refined sugar — with maple syrup and coconut sugar.

This quick pumpkin butter tastes awesome, with all the sweetness and warm spiciness you expect from pumpkin butter. The best part? You only need 8 ingredients, a big bowl and a microwave. No need to worry about setting up your slow cooker or any of that jazz.
I literally made a batch of this pumpkin butter while making a…

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