10 Minute Tofu Spinach Sauté

10 Minute Tofu Spinach Sauté

Quick and easy meals are my jam! I enjoy cooking, but I also really like eating (and I’m impatient) so I rarely make meals that keep me actively working in the kitchen for more than 30 minutes. If I can make something delicious and healthy in LESS than 30 minutes, even better!

Recipes that take over an hour — ain’t nobody got time for that. 😉
I recently realized that I can make quite a delicious stir-fry in less than 10 minutes. I posted about it on Instagram last week but I think it deserves a full blog post. So here it is.

No, I’m not pulling your leg — you really you can create a hearty meal that satisfies in 10 minutes or less. And there’s no need to worry about something being undercooked because you’re using all plant-based ingredients.

Just a little side note: I really like tofu but for various reasons I like to limit my soy consumption to once or twice a week and when I do eat tofu I use Twin Oaks. It’s made locally with organic, non-gmo soybeans and it’s honestly the best tofu I’ve ever had. The texture is extra-firm making it perfect for stir-fries.

This recipe is not only quick — it’s got flavor, lean protein and lots of veggies, including over two cups of spinach per serving. Not too shabby.
I have a feeling you’re going to love it!  I mean how could you not? A healthy, quick and easy meal that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch OR dinner is quite the rare find. Enjoy.
This is a pretty light meal. Feel free to add a whole grain like quinoa or brown rice or more veggies to make it a bit more…

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