United States,

14 Hour Nonstop Advertisement of Old Spice Company

As everyone knows, Old Spice is a personal care company that produces deodorants for men. He did such a thing in the past days that he trained all the records of history and wrote his name in the Guiness Book of Records in gold letters. He made such an advertisement that it was almost never-ending. It was an ad that lasted 14 hours in total. Those who started watching the ad from the very beginning were almost as short as they watched the 10 episode American series.

The 14-hour advertisement made by the Old Spice deodorant firm broke a record and became the longest advertisement in history. The ad actually has a lot of meanings. The meanings it wants to deliver to the customer is quite high. However, it has a real meaning that it was quite impressive. The company wanted to say that the deodorant you bought with this long ad leaves you under the influence of it for a very long time. They tried to explain that it had a long impact as much as a 14 hour commercial.