3 Ingredient Strawberry Cococnut Milk Sorbet

3 Ingredient Strawberry Cococnut Milk Sorbet

Cool off with this easy strawberry coconut sorbet. You only need three ingredients (strawberries + coconut milk + maple syrup) and it’s made in your blender!

Have you ever made your own ice cream or sorbet? This summer treat is so refreshing and creamy and doesn’t even require an ice cream maker! Bonus points for being dairy-free thanks to the coconut milk. A n’ice cream if I ever saw one. 😉

One of my favorite summer treats as a kid was obviously ice cream. Although I’d still love to end my night with a bowl of ice cream, I try to reign in my sugar intake which is where this delicious strawberry coconut sorbet comes in. It’s super easy to make and doesn’t leave you feeling super amped up on sugar and bloated from dairy the next day.

What is N’Ice Cream?
I’m sure there are a few different ways to interpret n’ice cream, but my definition is a healthy, homemade, dairy-free ice cream! This strawberry sorbet definitely fits the bill – as it checks off all three of those!

Strawberry Coconut Sorbet Ingredients

frozen strawberries
canned coconut milk – you’ll want this at room temp. If you store it in the fridge, it will be too thick
maple syrup – this is optional, you can omit if you want to keep the sugar content lower

How to Make Homemade Sorbet
The one kitchen appliance you’ll need for this recipe is a high powered blender or food processor (affiliate link) (I’ve linked my favs!).
Just add strawberries, coconut milk, and maple syrup into your blender or food processor and blend until smooth and creamy. That’s it! You can enjoy it right away…

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