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6 Tips for Newborn Baby Care – Trenton, New Jersey

Do not raise the room temperature too much

It is important to ensure that the room temperature is warm for newborns. In this way, babies can be peaceful by feeling similar to the environment in the uterus and the adaptation procedure is more easy to be circumvented. It is acceptable to have a temperature of 22–24 degrees, even if the clothes has normal weight and are in the room where there was a baby born in time.


Breastfeeding is very important as soon as it is born. Because breast milk is a special milk to your baby and contains all the nutrients that are essential. Moreover, it is a lot more easy and natural to digest than cow’s milk. There are no dangers such as diaper rash, constipation, diarrhea, allergies and obesity. Breastfeeding protects both the mom and the infant from several diseases. Therefore, breastfeeding should be encouraged and breast milk should be the first option.

Check growth in the first months regularly

Infants don’t gain weight immediately. The normal weight of a typical baby varies between 2,500 and 4,000 g. Infants lose 5-8 percent of the birth weight in the days after birth and 8-12. In the days they get to the weight they were born. The length of a baby is 50 cm, the head circumference is 35 cm. Each month, head circumference measurements, along with weight and height in the first year should be done.

The principal concern of newly born mothers is if breast milk is sufficient for their infants. The first months of a baby’s birth usually takes 2040 g per day. Baby stools every day can show normal improvement. In addition, orange, pink stain on the baby’s diaper isn’t a case.

Observe your baby’s skin

Bruising, rash, jaundice, which might be an indication of this disease in newborn babies, can only be noticed by observing the infant’s skin in daytime or bright atmosphere. It is important that the mother observes her baby many times a day in a well-lit environment.

Don’t wipe your body except your face

The baby’s skin turns red blue immediately after birth, and turns red-pink in a couple of hours. The distinctive layer that covers the baby’s skin protects the skin from external influences and will help to control the temperature of the baby. Other areas of the body outside the face should not be deleted. The initial wash is recommended by us after the baby’s belly falls.

Do not be fooled by the deformity of the skull

Infants are not considered abnormal because of overlap of the head bones and deformities due to the softness of the head bones. Resolve within a few days by themselves.

Don’t squeeze swelling in the breast area

These swellings should not be rubbed or squeezed. The vision of newborns is present from birth but is not clear. They can see a distance of 20-50 cm. Within a few weeks they begin to see. The sense of hearing; by responding by interrupting sucking, crying, or leaping it could be understood.

It’s quite important for babies to fulfill their love, care and needs instantly. Do not forget to show your love. Talking to her and singing to her play a big role in her development.