Apple Cinnamon Overnight Quinoa

Apple Cinnamon Overnight Quinoa

Turn leftover quinoa into a protein-packed breakfast with this simple, seasonal apple cinnamon overnight quinoa recipe. It’s similar to overnight oats but made with quinoa and absolutely delicious!

Quinoa for breakfast?!? It’s a good thing, I promise! I’ve actually made quinoa overnight oats with quinoa flour before, but hadn’t ever tried making a version with plain quinoa.

I’ve thought about making overnight quinoa many times because we pretty much always have cooked quinoa in the fridge. The only reason I waited so long to try my hand at it is because I was a little worried that unlike rolled oats, the cooked quinoa wouldn’t absorb much of the liquid and that I’d wake up to itty quinoa bits floating in almond milk. Although now that I think about it, that wouldn’t be a bad thing — just more like quinoa cereal and not what I was going for.
To make sure much of the almond milk did get absorbed I added some chia seeds and protein powder to the mix. They worked perfectly and also give the breakfast an added boost of nutrition. If you like chia seed pudding you’ll like overnight quinoa because the texture if very similar.

Since it’s apple season I decided to make an apple cinnamon version with chopped apple chunks, a hefty sprinkle of cinnamon and vanilla. It’s basically the perfect breakfast option for August and September when you’re craving fall flavors, but it’s still too warm out for stove-top oats and/or cooked quinoa flakes.
As you probably noticed, the quinoa in the photos is a lovely shade of red. That’s because I used…

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