Apple Pie Overnight Oats

Apple Pie Overnight Oats

Eat dessert for breakfast with these healthy apple pie overnight oats. You’ll love the cozy cinnamon apple flavor and that they can be made ahead of time.

Can we chat about the pain point of a lot of diets? Breakfast and snacking. Do you struggle with these areas? Do you even eat breakfast? What do you grab for a snack when you’re dying of hunger?

I always start my day with a well-rounded breakfast. I know it’s kind of a cliché health tip, but it’s cliché because it’s really important! When I start my day feeling satisfied from a balanced breakfast, I’m much more likely to make better choices for the rest of the day.

Have you ever started your day with a donut and craved sugar the rest of the day? Or have you ever skipped breakfast and then felt ravenous all afternoon/evening? Yup, that’s what I’m talking about. Start your day “on track” and you’ll be more motivated to stick with your healthy eating.

Snacks are another tricky meal when trying to eat healthy. Do you feel like when you have healthy snacks on hand you feel 3,000% healthier? Yes 3,000. I sure do. When I get hungry in the middle of the afternoon and have nothing to reach for, I find myself flailing around the kitchen or snacking on a bunch of random things. Fresh veggies with dip are my go-to snack as of late, but if I need something more substantial I rely on yogurt, chia pudding or overnight oats.

So that’s why I love overnight oats. They are a savior for breakfast and, if needed, a snack.
If you’re on top of your game, you can even prep these the night before so you…

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