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Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas

Baby showers are opportunities for friends and families to get together and celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby in a happy couple’s life, and the perfect shower is complete only without appropriate party favors for the guests. Showers are usually not thrown by couples for themselves, but instead by a close friend or family member. Guests help the couple out by buying gifts for the baby.

Baby Shower Party Favor

These gifts are usually things like bassinets and strollers that the baby is going to need. Thus, the parties are a friendly way for loved ones to get together and support the couple when it comes to preparing for their family’s newest member. Traditionally, only the pregnant mother and the closest women in her life attended. These days, however, plenty of showers are mixed company and both parents attend. Guests sip wine or cocktails and nibble on snacks like finger foods and cakes while congratulating the parents and listening to plans for nurseries and such. There may also be baby-related games involved, like matching old baby photos to guests or guessing the flavors of unlabeled baby foods. To thank the guests for their presence at the shower, the person throwing the baby shower usually provides everyone with a favor or souvenir upon departure. These little gifts are fun to give and receive and make guests feel appreciated.

Scented Soaps

It seems that everyone on Earth has attended a baby shower at some point and received a scented soap as a party favor. That is because scented soaps are inexpensive and totally inoffensive. While very few people are probably thrilled to receive them, there is really nothing wrong with them. They do not usually cause allergic reactions, and they can be useful. Instead of thinking of the scented soap party favor as cliché, think of it as a classic. You can’t go wrong with a scented soap. You can dress your scented soap baby shower favors up by wrapping them in pretty paper. Choose a couple of nice, thick papers in natural fibers to wrap your soaps in. They will look much nicer in a basket together if you wrap them in a variety of colorful, textured papers rather than just one type of paper. Next, tie a bit of twine or natural fiber ribbon around each soap. Print out some decorative tags that have the date and occasion labeled on them. Punch a hole in each tag and tie a tag to each soap with the twine ribbon. Place the wrapped soaps together in a basket and offer one to each guest as he or she leaves the baby shower.


Candles may be nearly as popular as scented soaps for baby shower gifts for similar reasons. As an added benefit to candles, you can purchase them in bulk packs. Since they are not very expensive, why not order some cute, personalized candles made just for baby showers? You can order little, scented egg candles that rest in nests in boxes that read “About to Hatch,” or you can pick out candles that look like bags of popcorn and read “About to Pop.” Most companies that make these types of candles for baby showers will place them in personalized boxes that feature the date of the shower and the names of the parents. You can order as many candles as you need and they come already wrapped, saving you the trouble of decorating them yourself. You do not have to worry about candles going bad and can order them several weeks ahead of time if you find some that you like. If you want personalized candles, though, be sure that you do not wait until the last minute to try to get some. Most manufacturers need at least one or two weeks notice before they can get any specially printed gifts to you.


Everyone loves candy. Candy makes for an ideal baby shower gift. It is small, inexpensive and often already comes wrapped in colorful, festive packaging. Depending upon your budget, you can pick up a few candy bars at your local drug store and then wrap them in gift wrap and label them with the parents’ names or you can order some fine, imported chocolate in custom packaging that bears the date of the shower, the name of the happy couple and even a picture if you like. You can also pick up big bags of smaller candies like Hershey’s kisses and distribute them in smaller, prettier gift bags. Just do not offer your guests a bowl of candy that you have not wrapped. Then, the candy is not a favor, but rather it’s a party snack. Place your wrapped candy bars or cute tulle bags of candy into a basket for your guests to grab on the way out the door. Maybe, the best part of offering your guests candy favors is the leftovers. You and your mommy to be can polish off any chocolate or treats that get left behind after the party is over.


If you are on a really tight budget but you still want to pick out something special to offer your guests as a baby shower favor, choose packets of flower or plant seeds. Seeds are extremely affordable and make a sweet and sentimental baby shower favor. Imagine if all of your guests plant their favors; you would have a dozen patches of wildflowers or strawberries to coincide with the arrival of the new baby! You do not need to hand out your seeds in the envelopes they come in. Instead, you can buy a large packed of seeds and redistribute them into prettier, small envelopes which you can pick up at crafting stores or online. You can even buy some very plain little envelopes and decorate them yourself, either with some artwork or some calligraphy with the shower’s date and the parents’ names. Just make sure that your party guests understand what they are receiving. Then, they will know not to eat the seeds or spill them all over as they open the envelopes and they can also look online for planting instructions.