Banana Bread Overnight Oats

Banana Bread Overnight Oats

These banana bread overnight oats offer all the flavor of banana bread in one healthy breakfast bowl that you can prep ahead of time. 

Somehow out of all the overnight oat recipes I have, there isn’t a banana bread overnight oats recipe!? That changes today.

When it comes to recipe development, some recipes come way easier than others. Baked items definitely take me the most rounds of recipe testing. It’s hard to get the texture, consistency and taste perfect so it usually takes multiple test batches. Occasionally things will be a complete failure, but luckily most of the baked goods are edible so we enjoy them even if the texture or flavor isn’t spot on!

Recipe creation for meals tends to be much easier, and overnight oats are even easier because there’s no real cooking involved. 🙂
In general, the base recipe for my overnight oats stays the same: 1 part oats to 2 parts liquid. What changes is the type of liquid and then obviously the flavors to make each recipe unique! For this recipe, I went with almond milk and yogurt! I find that almond milk is great to use when you want to add in a lot of other flavors because it’s a pretty neutral tasting dairy-free milk. I added in the yogurt to make these oats super thick and creamy while also adding a boost of protein. If I don’t have yogurt on hand, I will usually add protein powder to amp up the protein content. 

Before refrigerating the oats overnight, I like to add some flavors to the oats. The oats absorb both the flavors and the liquid, so the flavors turn out to be more well-rounded and…

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