Banana Split Chia Pudding | Eating Bird Food

Banana Split Chia Pudding | Eating Bird Food

This banana split chia pudding is like having dessert for breakfast. It’s made with Greek yogurt so you’re getting a good amount of protein along with all the fun toppings: bananas, berries and cacao nibs!

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I LOVE chia pudding. For some reason it fell off my radar for a couple of months, but it’s back and in full-force! Lately I’ve been making a big batch of chia pudding during my weekly meal prep to snack on throughout the week and it’s been awesome.

How to Make Banana Split Chia Pudding
Banana split chia pudding is SO easy! I started with my basic chia pudding recipe, added some Greek yogurt and used a bunch of fun toppings inspired by a traditional ice cream based banana split.

Bananas and berries, obviously. Then I got fancy and added cacao nibs for good measure. You can’t have a banana split without a little chocolate in there.
Chia Pudding with Greek Yogurt
This chia pudding flavor combo is so delicious — probably the best chia seed pudding I’ve ever made. I think the Greek yogurt is what really makes it. I use full-fat plain Greek yogurt so the pudding is extra creamy and has an added boost of protein. Chia seeds have a little plant-based protein on their own (2 Tablespoons have 4 grams of chia seeds), but adding Greek yogurt to the mix, even if it’s just a little bit, adds a good amount of protein.

Breakfast, Snack or Dessert
The best part? This banana split is super healthy — loaded with healthy fats from the chia seeds, protein from the Greek yogurt and lots of complex carbs from the fruit. It makes for such a…

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