Beet Hummus | Eating Bird Food

Beet Hummus | Eating Bird Food

Beet hummus is bright pink in color, subtly sweet and full of flavor. Serve with veggies for a show-stopping party appetizer or use as a spread, dip or garnish. 

You’ll never believe what happened did this weekend!?! I, the girl who’s probably never watched over 5.4 minutes of a football game (excluding Super Bowl commercials), joined a fantasy football league AND attended a draft party. It’s an all-ladies league and it’s called “Draft Who’s Cutest” so I really couldn’t resist.

Needless to say, Isaac is beyond pumped that I’m involved in said league. I think he thinks that because of this I am going to be remotely interested in football games. Who knows – maybe this little league will turn me into a football lovin’ fool. Doubtful, but I’ll let Isaac dream.

I have to admit that the draft party was fun. 10 girls, beer, and lots of appetizers – what’s not to like? You’ll be glad to hear that I now know that a tight end is an offensive player, not a bangin’ gluteus maximus.

I couldn’t decide what dish to bring for the draft party. It’s funny, I have all these (great!) recipes on the blog, but I’m still at a loss every time I need to take a dish somewhere. It’s interestingly similar to the fact that my closet is full of clothes, but I never have anything to wear….
Anyhow, I rummaged through the fridge and found a big bag of beets from a CSA purchase and decided I’d make some beet hummus.
As I mention in the recipe you can use boiled or roasted beets. Just be sure to remember my tip for smooth hummus, removing the skin of your…

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