Best Free Apps for every Business Owner

So what are the best free apps for every business owner?

We’ve gone mobile!! That isn’t a surprise to the smart business owners who have been paying close attention. It’s no longer news. What is news to many of them is that they need to start taking advantage of some of three free apps out there for business if they want to keep up. Making the small business owner more technologically savvy using aps to make their business more productive is one way that you can stay ahead of your competition.

Not all mobile applications are created equally and that’s why–with minimal space to add them for some phones, the business owner needs to really consider well the kind of apps that they download. It’s important to consider how well they are going to serve them for business.

Some of the best all-around apps for the small to mid-sized business owner are free. Yes, we did say free, even in this day and age.

Some of the biggest problems that the small business owner has to deal with have to do with staying in touch. It is this type of application that is most necessary to the small business owner. Add to that the necessity to send out messages, to receive files and to be able to stay in touch with the office or with prospective customers and collaborate on projects while on the road and the top three applications that we choose as the most important are these:

Skype-We all know Skype as the means to stay in touch from our laptop and to make calls to other phones as well as calls to the computer.

Your smart phone Skype application can allow you to send files, send images, leave a permanent record of a long conversation and even call someone’s computer to help them to find a file that you need.

Skype offers a vast array of useability and lets you collaborate with others by holding Skype conferences even from the mobile application, solving the conference call issue for companies. If you’re looking for the best way to stay in touch on the road, Skype is an application that you simply cannot live without.

Dropbox has been well known for years as a place to safeguard your files and keep them separate from your computer but also easily accessible and able to be shared, allowing you to give files to those who need them and to receive them without using hard drive space. Dropbox for your smart phone allows the savvy business owner to share files, images and even drop notes into the drop box to share with collaborators hundreds or thousands of miles away from a smart phone, a tablet or a laptop computer. It is one of the most well used but often overlooked ways to keep your files in a place where anyone–anywhere– can access them and use them, keeping you in touch with the people with whom you are working.

Asana-a collaborative application, if you’re working together as a team, you need Asana, offering the traveling business owner the means to improve the way that they collaborate and share information on the road. Asana for mobile gives you the means to manage your team’s jobs, to change deadlines, to fix new projects and to share tracking and task lists among everyone on the team. Teamwork has never been easier than it is with Asana.

Mobile computing has arrived, allowing you to be more in touch and more productive than ever before. Mobile applications are not just the wave of the future, they are the here and now of the computing world. Get on board and get organized with mobile applications.