Black Bean Mason Jar Salad

Black Bean Mason Jar Salad

This black bean fiesta mason jar salad makes for a colorful, convenient on-the-go meal. The lime jalapeño dressing is zesty and really ties the whole salad together.

Until recently I kind of forgot about mason jar salads, which is hard to believe considering I eat at least one large salad almost every day. But I’m excited because mason jar salads are back. Over the past few months I started making them again using the black bean fiesta salad recipe from my Seven Slimming Salads ebook and I’m hooked once again.

The Ease of Mason Jar Salads
It’s easy to get hooked because mason jar salads are a breeze to whip up and make for such a convenient, portable meal option. Even if you work from home like me having salads already prepped for lunch saves so much time. And the mason jar storage method works wonders for salad recipes that include veggies that marinate well. After sitting in the dressing for a bit they taste like they’ve been pickled.

I have a couple different jar salads on the blog already (like this strawberry spinach jar salad), but this particular mason jar salad is a favorite of mine because it’s so vibrant and has a southwestern, Mexican vibe going on with the black beans, corn, red onion, cilantro and lime jalapeño dressing. The flavors are robust, refreshing and perfect for summer.

Mason Jar Salad Tips:

Use wide-mouth jars. It’s much easier to get the ingredients in and out of the jars with a wide mouth. I like the wide-mouth quart Ball jars for meal-sized salads, but the wide-mouth pint Ball jars work for smaller side salads.


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