Blackened Tempeh Salad | Eating Bird Food

Blackened Tempeh Salad | Eating Bird Food

This protein-packed blackened tempeh salad is loaded with flavor from the seasoned and roasted tempeh. The orange tahini dressing cuts the spice and adds a nice creamy component to the salad.

As you know, I’m a huge fan of salads and I love making meal-sized salads.

This blackened tempeh salad is absolutely delicious and has all the components I look for when building a meal-sized salad:

lots of veggies (romaine, onion, bell pepper)
a good source of plant based protein (tempeh + quinoa)
smart carbs (quinoa)  — You can check out my round up of quinoa salad recipes.
satisfaction factor (lots of flavor, different textures + a large serving size)

How to Make Blackened Tempeh
I love making blackened tempeh because it requires no marinating which I inevitably always forget to do in advance. Cut the tempeh in cubes and toss with your blackening spice: maple syrup, paprika, oregano, oil, cayenne pepper and sea salt. Blackening usually involves coating protein in a spice mixture and cooking in a cast-iron skillet, but I kept this recipe a bit more hands-off by roasting the spiced tempeh. Spread coated tempeh in a single layer on a parchment lined baking sheet or a baking stone. The roasting process only takes about 20 minutes and the tempeh comes out of the oven warm and crisp — perfect for topping a romaine based salad.

Blackened Tempeh Salad
To balance out the spicy blackened flavor of the tempeh, I added fresh avocado slices and made a tahini dressing with a hint of orange juice and zest. The dressing is thick, creamy and a lovely compliment to the salad. I just love…

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