Carrot Cake Baked Oatmeal

Carrot Cake Baked Oatmeal

This carrot cake baked oatmeal is fancy enough to serve for a special brunch but easy and healthy enough to make for your weekly meal prep. Gluten-free.

Are there certain desserts that you just have to order if you see them on the menu? That’s how I feel about carrot cake. Granted, I don’t always indulge, but let’s just say I really enjoy a good carrot cake. I guess I get my love for carrot cake from my dad because it’s his favorite cake ever.

While dreaming up carrot cake ideas, I decided to try a carrot cake baked oatmeal recipe, kind of similar to my carrot cake overnight oats. It is a little more indulgent than your typical bowl of morning oatmeal so it’s perfect for Easter or Mother’s Day brunch . . . or just any ol’ Wednesday. 🙂

It does take a little over an hour to bake so if you want to get a jump start on the prep, you can combine everything, put it in your baking dish, cover, and store in the fridge until you’re ready to bake it. Another option is to bake it ahead of time and reheat before serving. I do this if I’m making it for meal prep, but I will say, it’s best straight from the oven.
Watch How To Make Carrot Cake Baked Oatmeal:

How to Make Baked Oatmeal
Ready for this delicious dish? It doesn’t get much easier – simply add all ingredients for the oatmeal into a large bowl and mix. Pour into a baking dish and bake for 50-60 minutes. That’s it! Super simple.

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