Clean Eating Healthy Pasta Salad

Clean Eating Healthy Pasta Salad

Clean eating pasta salad made with cucumbers, tomatoes and a basil balsamic dressing. This delicious pasta salad is gluten-free, vegan and perfect for serving a crowd!

I’m so excited to share this recipe with you because I know that you are going to LOVE this pasta salad.

It’s my mom’s old-school recipe – the one I used to request for every summer cookout growing up — only healthier and bit more spiced up.
Gluten Free Pasta Noodles
I stuck with pasta noodles instead of veggies noodles because I already have a zucchini noodle pasta salad. I recommend using legume or quinoa-based pasta noodles so they’ll be naturally gluten-free and have a good amount of protein and fiber. Nutrient-dense pasta = so awesome!

Swapping Mayo for a Balsamic Dressing
My mom’s traditional recipe calls for Miracle Whip… which isn’t exactly EBF friendly so I skipped it and used an olive oil-based balsamic dressing with fresh basil. Other than that the salad ingredients are all the same.
And Mom will be happy to know that I left the 1/2 teaspoon of sugar in the recipe. Maybe it’s just nostalgia, but I think it really does add a little something to the salad. I went with coconut sugar to keep things more natural and unrefined. 🙂

Overall, this healthy pasta salad is quite a gem. It’s not only easy to prepare, but it requires only minimal ingredients and tastes so fresh and delicious. The recipe makes a ton so it’s also great for serving a crowd!
Ingredients in Healthy Pasta Salad

gluten-free pasta noodles
red onion
balsamic vinegar
olive oil

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