Clementine Greek Yogurt Parfaits – Eating Bird Food

Clementine Greek Yogurt Parfaits – Eating Bird Food

A healthy winter treat, these Clementine Greek Yogurt Parfaits feature layers of creamy yogurt and juicy clementines along with a Hemp Heart and cacao nib crumble. Recipe created in partnership with Manitoba Harvest. 

Snow and citrus fruit are two of winter’s redeeming qualities. We’ve already got the snow happening (at least in this neck of the woods) so I’m going to bring you some citrus goodness today in the form of clementine parfaits.

Greek yogurt parfaits often look super fancy, but they’re actually really easy to prepare and come together in just a few minutes. They can even be made in advance!

Clementines aren’t something I usually think about putting in my yogurt on the regular, but we had one of those big bags a few weeks ago and in an effort to polish them off quickly I started experimenting. Turns out, they are awesome in yogurt… maybe even better than berries. Bold statement, I know, but I really like the unique texture and the fact that a little juice from the clementines mixes with the yogurt giving it an extra hint of sweetness and flavor.
To add an additional boost of flavor, texture and nutrition to the parfaits I decided to add a Hemp Heart and cacao nib crumble.
I’m a huge fan of Hemp Hearts and sprinkle them on just about anything — especially yogurt — so adding them to this parfait was a no-brainer. They’re loaded with good-for-you ingredients like omega-3 + 6 fatty acids, magnesium, fiber and iron.

The one key to these parfaits is slicing the clementines instead of peeling them normally. The slicing makes them look prettier…

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