Coconut Curried Soup

Coconut Curried Soup

There’s something about a warm bowl of soup on a cold, winter night. I guess that explains why Isaac and I have going crazy over soup these last couple weeks. It all started with the soup recipe I’m sharing today. I made it at the beginning of last week. Then one of Isaac’s co-workers sent him home with a kale and white bean soup (Isaac is going to ask her for the recipe as it was delicious!). We made a pot of gluten-free chicken noodle soup on Sunday and then this week Isaac’s mom sent us a pot of vegetable beef soup.

So much soup, yet I’m still not tired of it.
This coconut curried soup is extra special because the recipe comes from my good friend and fellow blogger, Kelly of Nosh and Nourish. It’s directly from her beautiful new cookbook Superfoods at Every Meal (affiliate link). I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly for the first time last year on a blog trip with Cascadian Farm — her kind and outgoing personality made it easy to connect with her and we’ve been friends since. She talked about the cookbook and the writing experience during our trip so it’s really cool to finally see it in person.

Before I go on to rave about how delicious the curried soup is, let me tell you a little about the cookbook.

As a mom and a wife, Kelly strives to nourish her family with healthy and delicious foods that everyone — even her vegetable hating husband — will enjoy. To do so, she focuses on quick and easy recipes that incorporate superfoods. These superfoods probably aren’t the ones that immediately pop into your head (like goji berries and cacao…

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