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Correct Lawn Mowing Techniques

Lawn mowing is a task that is quite tough, but also quite fulfilling. Mowing a lawn makes it look presentable and can serve as an important piece of the outdoor décor. However, this will only work if one follows the right technique. There are cases of people who have mowed their lawns but have ended up not liking the results. The following are steps to follow when mowing a lawn.

Lawn Mowing


This is one of the things that often goes unnoticed but is very important. To ensure that one’s lawn is healthy after it has been mowed, one has to make sure that the lawn has been trimmed to the correct height. The height of the lawn will depend on the kind of grass that one has on the lawn. In most cases, the grass should be at least more than an inch long. One of the main reasons why the grass should be that long is because of weeds. If one trims the grass too short, the lawn becomes susceptible to the growth of various kinds of weeds. If the grass is long enough, this risk is reduced significantly. Also, if the grass is still too long after the trim, the grass may begin to curve at the top, which makes it look untidy.


Whenever one mows the grass, it is advisable to keep changing the pattern in which one is doing it. For example, if one mows his or her lawn from left to right, it is advisable to mow the grass the next time from right to left. Grass tends to grow towards the direction in which it was cut. This creates a scenario where all the grass in the lawn bends towards one side. It also changes the soil pattern, which is unsuitable for the grass. To avoid such cases, it is important to always change the direction from time to time to ensure that the grass is upright.

Wet grass

A lot of people have formed the habit of cutting wet grass. Cutting wet grass is not advisable for the following reasons. First, one will end up with a lawn that is very uneven. This is because the water will alter the shape of the grass, which will result in differences in size after it has been cut. Second, the lawn mower will be at risk of damage because the wet grass will keep clogging it. This will force one to keep stopping to clean the wet grass before he or she can continue.

Shape of the ground

This is yet another key aspect that should always be taken into account when one is mowing a lawn. Not everybody has a lawn that is on flat ground. Some areas may be uneven. One should not use the same mowing technique if the ground is uneven. He or she should adjust the height of the blades of the mower in order to ensure an even cut on uneven ground. This is done to avoid scalping which will result in a lawn that does not look presentable. One should also ensure that the blades of the lawn mower are sharp to ensure the work is done effectively.

In conclusion, lawn mowing is not as easy as it looks. To be able to ensure that one can do the job perfectly, some level of expertise is required. It is advisable to ensure that all the steps mentioned above are followed to the letter to ensure that the lawn is mowed correctly and that there are no unexpected outcomes after the job is done.