Date Sweetened Balsamic Glazed Brussels Sprouts

Date Sweetened Balsamic Glazed Brussels Sprouts

You’re going to love these Balsamic Glazed Brussels Sprouts! They’re covered with a date-sweetened glaze and roasted to perfection. 

Hiiiiii! Hope your week is going well. Things have been a tad cray over here in EBF world as I’ve been traveling a ton and we’re moving in less than two weeks!
While I really don’t enjoy packing, but I DO love enjoy going through things, tossing stuff we never use and downsizing so that part has been nice. Oh, and finding old photos and notes is fun too. We found some gems last night — lots of photos from college and the card I made for Isaac for our two year dating anniversary. Kind of cute to read since we’ll be celebrating our two year wedding anniversary in a month.

Okay, on to today’s post. I had all my brussels sprout lovers in mind when I was coming up with this recipe, but you haters should also pay close attention because I feel like this recipe might convert you.
Bold statement, I know.

Long gone are the days of mushy and overcooked steamed sprouts. These babies are smothered in a sweet balsamic glaze and roasted at a high temperature. They come out of the oven a golden brown color, caramelized to perfection with a few crunchy bits.
So, so delicious! I could literally eat a whole baking sheet full of them in one sitting.

I love that the glaze is naturally sweetened with a medjool dates. It worked out so wonderfully that now I want to dry making a date sweetened balsamic dressing for a salad. Might have to test that out today… stay tuned. 😉
These brussels sprouts are smothered in a naturally…

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