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Do Credit Cards Cover Car Rental Insurance ?

All prices include Exempt Accident Insurance (CDW). The Accident Insurance covers collision damage. In the event that the insurance conditions are fulfilled, the customer compensates the damages resulting from the collision in the amounts ranging between 300 $ and 1000 $ depending on the vehicle group. This fuse does not cover non-collision damage (parking, tires, windscreen, headlamp).

What do the new insurance policies cover?

Please read the following before renting a car. We will try to explain which insurances your credit card will cover.

We have listed the items you should pay attention to when renting a car. As car hire became popular, prices became more affordable than before. It is not difficult to find a rental car on your holiday according to your budget. You can rent a car on a daily or periodic basis.

Check the Vehicle!

  • Check the mileage of the vehicle.
  • Check if there is a fault, malfunction or damage when renting a vehicle. Make sure the headlamps and lights are working. Report any problems immediately to the personnel concerned and note down the contract. Even take a picture of you there.
  • Make sure that the vehicle does not exceed 3 years of age.
  • For safety reasons, especially if you are traveling intercity, use less used and new vehicles. See safety equipment. Check the ABS, airbag and seat belts. If you are traveling with a child, be sure to request a child seat.

Unwanted situations!

  • Be sure to rent your car from legal companies. Renting from a place that does not have legal permission on this subject may cause you unwanted problems.
  • Make a car rental agreement. Otherwise, financial loss as a result of an accident may come to places you do not want.
  • Make sure that the vehicle’s automobile and other fuses are complete. When you have an accident with a car that does not have insurance, the traffic insurance does not cover the damage as the car is rented. So you can bear all the costs.
  • For one-way rentals, be sure to ask for delivery fees. These can be very high.

Don’t Neglect Your Casco!

The vehicle we rented or your personal vehicle is insured, you can make a comfortable journey. Otherwise, you may have to bear high costs in case of an accident.

If your car does not have automobile insurance, you can get offers from Sigortam.net online for the best insurance prices and compare offers from a single screen. If you wish, you can call Insurance Support Line and get help from our insurance experts about your insurance offers.