Does Cell Phone Radiation Cause Health Problems?

There is still a debate about whether cell phones cause problems in humans.  Some people claim that cell phones cause cancers all over the body, and others say that they cause all sorts of behavioral issues, digestive problems and more.  Are they really responsible for all of that though?  Let’s find out, shall we?


Cell Phones and Radiation

The first question to address is whether or not cell phones emit radiation.  They do.  They emit electromagnetic radiation.  That electromagnetic radiation also happens to be in the microwave range, which is where most of the fervor comes from.  After all, people can’t go around sticking their heads in microwave ovens, can they?  There’s a big difference between cell phones, and many other electronics, and a microwave oven.


One is designed to cook things.  The others are not.  While not all electronics emit microwave radiation, practically everything on the plant interacts with radiation every day.  Even the light from the sun is a form of radiation.  Our Wi-Fi devices emit radiation, as do we.  That’s right, human beings also emit radiation.  Heat is also radiation of a form.  The point is, the fact that cell phones emit radiation is not alarming in and of itself, but that doesn’t mean that radiation doesn’t have an effect.

Does Cell Phone Radiation Do Anything Adverse?

Unfortunately, this is one of the areas that have had results all over the board.  A study published in 2006 may have found a reason for the wide array of results that various studies on this very topic have found over the years.  They concluded that not every member of each species, including human beings, reacts the same way to the same type of radiation that comes off of cell phones.  They discovered that the same cells react adversely, and others do not in different subjects.  They discovered that this could be contributed to genetic makeup.

So, those studies that found that the same frequency of radiation emitted by cell phones caused cancer and the ones that concluded the exact opposite may both be valid.  Though, a paper was published in 1999 that took a look at all previous research regarding radio frequency (RF), including that emitted by cell phones.  After carefully reviewing findings, they concluded that there was very little evidence that suggested a link between RF radiation and cancer.

Men Should Be Careful Though

While it looks like cell phone use doesn’t cause cancer, at least not in most people, and that it may affect different people differently due to genetics, a study was done on sperm that should be noted.  Researchers discovered that cell phone use, over time, could play a role in virility.  There was a negative effect on strong sperm and a positive effect on weak sperm.  That means, overall, men who struggle with a low sperm count or virility in general may want to consider discontinuing the use of the cell phone for a while to see if that helps.

Other than the seeming correlation between cell phone use and the amount of strong sperm a man produces, the effect of cell phone radiation on overall health is still up in the air.  It may be prudent to exercise caution, especially if genetic makeup plays a defining role in whether or not humans are affected by the electromagnetic radiation that cell phones emit.  However, the overwhelming majority of the studies done suggest that cell phones and other electronics aren’t really a problem for human health.