Easy Tahini Sauce | Eating Bird Food

Easy Tahini Sauce | Eating Bird Food

This easy creamy tahini sauce with lemon, olive oil and garlic can be used in so many ways – as a sauce for protein or vegetables, on a buddha bowl, or even as a dressing.

When I first tried tahini, I fell in love. Plain and simple! I love the nutty yet mild flavor that works in a wide variety of recipes. Today I’m using it to create a delicious, creamy vegan sauce.

I have already shared an epic oil-free zesty tahini dressing that I love and highly recommend, but I wanted to create a tahini sauce recipe as well. This particular tahini sauce incorporates lemon juice and olive oil and it’s a bit thicker, perfect for drizzling over a buddha bowl or veggies.

I go through phases when it comes to my favorite dressings and staple sauces, but I always love whipping up at least one dressing or sauce on Sundays (literally takes five minutes) so I am set for the week!
I’ll be enjoying this tahini sauce on a butternut squash sheet pan meal, a salad and I’m sure a bowl meal throughout the week.

What is Tahini?
Tahini is a paste made from sesame seeds. I’ve actually never made my own but I’ve read that it’s pretty simple! You’ll see tahini used in a lot of Mediterranean sauces and recipes. It works really well with lemon and garlic but is also delicious in baked goods. I told you it was versatile!
You can find tahini near the peanut butter in your local grocery store. I have tried a ton of different tahinis over the years and my personal favorite is the Whole Foods brand of tahini. It’s nutty, flavorful and perfectly creamy without being bitter at all.

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