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Economical Ways to Market Your Small Business

Social Media Marketing Solutions for Cost‑Conscious Businesses. Are you looking for effective methods of promoting your small business online? Economical ways of new promotion?

The ultimate goal of any business is to sell goods or services. However, selling goods or services in a saturated global marketplace can be especially challenging for small businesses that don’t have the resources of their larger competitors.

Keeping costs down in a small- to mid-sized business means considering many available marketing opportunities through both traditional and contemporary methods. Social media provides small businesses with practical and powerful marketing tools. Most recognizable social media sites provide inexpensive marketing options.

In the online world, sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn offer free exposure for small businesses. Most sites also offer additional components and upgrades that can be purchased to create even greater exposure. Online exposure through social media sites is a valuable and effective channel for reaching new local customers and promoting your small business.

Most people with limited or no technology background can use social media to connect with their local customers. Page creation is generally a simple, self-guided process that requires minimal time. The page-creation process for social media sites typically has a low learning curve, as it is designed and intended for laypeople.

Using and joining local groups and advertising through social media is not only easy and economical, but it is also highly effective in keeping your name fresh in the minds of other users, associating your business with a given product or service, and offering specials and other sales methods easily. The vast number of people who use social media today make it undeniably the best and most cost-effective means of building your business presence in the local or global community by getting your name out to prospective customers.

Of course, social media reaches beyond the more common aforementioned sites. Some sites offer membership options or networks that target specific fields of business. Online marketing opportunities through social media are virtually unlimited.


Social media can also assist in reputation management by putting a face and a personality with the business name. AllBCD.com, the All Business Card Directory, is an innovative social media site that offers maximum exposure for minimal cost and takes reputation management to the next level. Business professionals can create profile pages to promote their business, interact with customers, and network with other businesses. Professional networking builds relationships and increases referral business. AllBCD.com also offers professionals the unique ability to review posted testimonies before they are published, allowing businesses to protect their online reputation.

AllBCD.com, or All Business Card Directory is an excellent example of a unique and innovative online marketing tool. Having an AllBCD.com Premium Profiles gives business professionals, who build their business through referrals, a platform to creatively promote their business and protect their online reputation. For only $25/year professionals are given a premium profile page is designed to attract new local customers for business professionals by giving them a platform to list all their contact information (including email and website), post pictures, write a description about themselves highlighting what separates them from their competition, and custom QR code for outside marketing materials. Consumers email the professional directly from their profile page and/or they can post testimonials about the professional.

In many cases this kind of interaction is nearly as effective as interaction with prospective customers in that one business may refer customers to another. It is also a site that can assist in reputation management and is available for prospective customers to review the services and brand of the company in question.