Free People + Vegan Apple Pie Squares

Free People + Vegan Apple Pie Squares

If you remember back to a few weeks ago, I mentioned teaming up with Free People for a Food and Fashion event at the Richmond store. I shared a few details and a couple iPhone picts, but I’m beyond thrilled to finally share the final photos, the recipe for the vegan apple pie squares and the VIDEO with you. Can you tell I’m excited?

To start, let me just say that I have always adored the Free People brand and was honored to be asked to collaborate with them on this project. I didn’t think it was possible, but I love the brand even more now!

Okay so where to begin… the whole thing started with a trip from Richmond to Graves Mountain Lodge for apple picking, horseback riding and a photo shoot.

This trip was a special event involving local FP Me users, as well as, customers from the Richmond store. In case you’re wondering, FP Me is Free People’s online community where users can share fashion photos — bascially a Free People Pinterest. I really like using it when I’m shopping online to see how the items look on real girls and get inspiration for how and what to pair things with. Feel free to check out my FP Me profile to see what it’s all about.

I really enjoyed getting to meet and hang out with all the other ladies throughout the day. Some were in college, some were fashion bloggers, others worked for Free People… it was a definitely a dynamic group and we had plenty to chat about.

We spent the morning apple picking, had a lovely picnic lunch under a willow tree and then did some horseback riding. I hadn’t ridden a horse in years so I was a…

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