Fudgy Pumpkin Collagen Bites | Eating Bird Food

Fudgy Pumpkin Collagen Bites | Eating Bird Food

Get in your daily collagen with these two layer, fudgy pumpkin collagen bites. These collagen bites are no bake and high in protein — a double win in my book.

I shared these easy fudgy collagen bites over on Instagram… and the crowd went wild! But for real, this was a fan favorite so I knew I needed to add it the recipe to my blog. if you’re like me, your bookmarked Instagram posts get a littttle overwhelming and disorganized so it helpful to have a blog post version of the recipe as well.

I’ve been taking collagen peptides daily and to be honest, it’s one of the only supplements that I’ve been able to stay pretty consistent with… mainly because it’s tasteless and I can add it to just about anything. I typically add it to my morning cup of coffee and I’m happy to report that I’ve seen a TON of great benefits, the most noticeable being my skin looking extra healthy and my hair and nails grow super fast. I was inspired to make a new recipe using collagen peptides because I wanted something a little more versatile than my 2-ingredient protein coffee and I know some of you don’t drink coffee.

Are you curious about collagen? I already wrote a blog post about what collagen is, which brands I recommend and some of the most common questions I see around collagen so definteily check that out if you’re new to collagen.

Now let me introduce you to my new favorite way to get my daily dose of collagen in. There are two layers: pumpkin and chocolate. I mean, does it get any better than that?! These are soooo simple to make and require zero baking. I know…

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