Garage Door Repair

The garage door opener has the function of pulling the door, that runs on a series of tracks, up and down. Only a garage door that has been adjusted properly will move up and down in a smooth and even motion.

However, if the adjustment has not been performed correctly the door will run unevenly on the tracks and the unit will also stick. If your door is warped, it can be another cause for the door to run unevenly on the tracks. The warped door will also be cause the unit to stick. It is easy to prevent a crooked door by performing regular adjustments.



Things You Will Need

  • Brush
  • Tension rod
  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver


  • Firstly, do an inspection of the tracks of the garage door and look for signs of dirt or other any other obstructions. You can clean the the track of the garage door quite easily with a brush and this will prevent drag
  • Check your garage door to and check carefully for signs of warping.
  • If you do ascertain that the garage door is warped you can follow this procedure:
    • First insert the end of a tension rod into the corner of the door
    • Now tighten down well with the use of a wrench and then you must attach the other end to the top corner of the door.
    • Lastly turn the turnbuckle in the middle of the tension rod. Do this until you see it pulls the door straight.
  • If you want to prevent drag on the one side of the door, it is advisable to turn the force adjustment screw clockwise, as this will increase the force of the door when it opens.. You must insert a screwdriver into the door opener. Then turn the screw clockwise to increase the door pressure. If you turn it counter clockwise it will decrease the pressure. Remember it is important to turn only a one-quarter turn at a time, as this will keep the adjustments to a minimum.

More Tips & Warnings

Always inspect the springs of the garage door opener, on a regular basis, for signs of rust, wear or sagging. If you need to replace the springs, it is advisable to call out a professional garage door repair technician to perform this task. Springs are at an extremely high tension and are quite dangerous if a non-professional attempts to replace them.