Harvest Moon Yoga and Caponata

Harvest Moon Yoga and Caponata

Last night’s Harvest Moon celebration, which included a slow vinyasa flow and a potluck was relaxing, renewing, and fun! The yoga instructor, Karen, mentioned that the Harvest Moon is a time to let go, celebrate abundance, and prepare for the change of seasons. She also said that we should celebrate all the positive things that happened over the past year and let go of all the things that maybe didn’t go so well. It’s similar to the trees releasing their leaves, which in turn go into the soil and provide nourishment for the year to come. I really liked this analogy.

It’s still hot here during the day so practicing late into the evening, as it was starting to cool off a bit, was lovely. The flow was calming and gentle, which was perfect for me, since I’m still dealing with the leg tingling issue!?! Lastly, we ended the practice with a yoga nidra, something I had never expereienced before. T’was the perfect way to spend a Friday evening…
The event was hosted at a fellow yogi’s house. She had the perfect backyard for outdoor yoga!

Post practicing there was plenty of food to be harvested eaten and drinks to be sipped – including home brewed beer and chai tea!

I, per the usual, couldn’t decide what to bring to the potluck so I rummaged through the FOOD & WINE website until I found a recipe for Eggplant Caponata.

To be honest, I’m not sure I’ve ever had caponata, nor did I know what exactly it was. But, it sounded delicious, looked moderately healthy and not overly time consuming so I went with it.

Boy am I glad I did! It was delicious!!
For those of…

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