Healthy Apple Pancakes – Eating Bird Food

Healthy Apple Pancakes – Eating Bird Food

Healthy apple pancakes made with oats and cottage cheese. They taste decadent, but are packed with protein and fiber. Great for meal prep!

I started realizing that more often than not, when we got out for brunch Isaac always orders sweet options like pancakes or waffles. I think it’s because I rarely make those for him at home. Realizing this got my wheels turning and I decided I need more sweet breakfast recipes to add to the countless oatmeal recipes I already have here on EBF.

And that’s is exactly how these healthy apple pancakes came about! I used my banana cottage cheese pancake recipe as a guide to come up with a recipes for apple pancakes and omg, they’re delish!!

The batter for these apple pancakes is made in the blender, which makes it super easy to whip up, and easy to pour directly from your blender into the skillet for cooking.

And honestly, the cinnamon apple topping is legit the best part. For the cinnamon apples, I use the same quick microwave method that I use for my apple pie overnight oats and it works like a charm. It’s like instant baked apples!

I can not wait for you to try these healthy pancakes for yourself. They’re sweet, they’re comforting and they feel indulgent even though they are 100% healthy in my book… loaded with protein and fiber. One serving (4 pancakes) has 15 grams of fiber and 18 grams of protein. Boom, perfect way to start your day!

If I make these pancakes on a Sunday, I like doubling the recipe so we have leftover pancakes for the week. For meal prep pancakes, I…

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