Healthy Banana Oat Power Bars

Healthy Banana Oat Power Bars

Banana oatmeal energy bars made with chopped walnuts and raisins. These bars made for a perfect pre-workout snack. 

Have you ever made a “healthy” bread/bar/muffin recipe and after one bite said, “hmmm… this is good but it’d be much better with some almond butter.” Yeah… I’m pretty sure we’ve all done it. Am I right?
Nut butters do make everything better, but I’m going to start this by saying that this is not one of those recipes. These bars are delicious — no peanut/sunflower/almond butter necessary.

I made them for two reasons: 1.) I’m going glamping this weekend for a friend’s bachelorette party and wanted to bring a little snickety snack to share with the girls and 2.) Isaac will be on his own this weekend and sometimes he forgets to eat.

I first learned about this amazing recipe at the Runner’s World Half & Festival. For one of the blogger lunches we ate a bunch of different things from The Runner’s World Cookbook and these Banana Oat Energy Bars were on the menu. They were one of my favorite things I ate that weekend! Once home I made a batch of the bars for my cousin right after she had her baby since she and her husband needed all the energy they could get.
Given that this was my second time making the bars, I decided to experiment a little by switching up some of the ingredients to make them a bit healthier. As you’ll see in my version of the recipe below, I used less oil, less sugar, less dried fruit and whole wheat pastry flour. I also cut the batch into 16 bars instead of 12. With these changes, they came out having about…

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