Healthy Blueberry Crumble Bars | Eating Bird Food

Healthy Blueberry Crumble Bars | Eating Bird Food

Healthy blueberry crumble bars made with wholesome ingredients and fresh berries. You’ll love juicy blueberry flavor paired with the sweet oatmeal crumble crust and topping!

I have been on such a blueberry kick this summer. I guess that’s what happens when your husband goes blueberry picking and brings home pounds on pounds of fresh blueberries. We actually let the berries sit out on the counter for about 24 hours, grabbing handfuls whenever we felt like it. Then I decided to turn a few into a healthy treat and ended up with these healthy blueberry crumble bars.

Goodness gracious, I’m so glad I did because I’m not kidding when I say that these little bars turned out to be one of the best things I’ve made all summer!!

They’re filled with sweet blueberry goodness, have a delicious crumble topping and taste sooo good. Plus they cut and hold together really well… as long as you let them cool before removing them from the baking pan.

Seriously I can’t get over how good these are. I served them to Isaac and his brother for breakfast and they loved them! I had one for breakfast and one as a pre-workout snack two days in a row. They’re good warm, but I honestly like them even better cold straight from the fridge!
Fresh or Frozen Berries
I love making these blueberry crumble bars with fresh and juicy seasonal blueberries, but frozen should definitely work just as well if you don’t have fresh berries on hand.

They’re definitely a treat because they do have a bit of sugar, but they’re also loaded with good-for-you ingredients like fresh blueberries,…

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