Healthy Brunswick Stew with Shredded Chicken

Healthy Brunswick Stew with Shredded Chicken

This healthy Brunswick stew is just like the southern classic, but made with simple and wholesome ingredients — no ketchup or bbq sauce needed! Recipe made in partnership with Lagostina and Macy’s. I received Lagostina product in order to create this post, but as always opinions are my own. 

Brunswick stew is a Virginia classic, but it isn’t something I grew up eating. I was first introduced to the thick stew when I met Isaac in college. He and his roommates loved Mrs. Fearnow’s and they would stock up whenever it was on sale. Truth be told, Isaac still likes it and there’s a can in our pantry right now.
Staring into the pantry one night I saw the yellow can and finally decided I needed to make a homemade healthy Brunswick stew for him.

After a little research I found that Brunswick stew likely originated in Brunswick, Virginia during the 19th century and it was originally made with squirrel meat.

I looked at a couple recipes online for inspiration, but ultimately ended up using the ingredient list from a can of Mrs. Fearnow’s as my guide because it’s short and overall pretty wholesome. Some of the recipes online called for cups of ketchup, chili sauce, bbq sauce and creamed corn. I’m not a fan of using a ton of packaged products (because they usually have a lot of added sugar and preservatives) so this recipe skips those things.
The only packaged sauces you’ll need are worcestershire and hot sauce. Although if you decide you want to add a little bbq sauce, you can use my homemade healthy bbq sauce recipe.

To cook up the stew, I used a…

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