Healthy Lactation Cookies

Healthy Lactation Cookies

Healthy lactation cookies made with ingredients to help boost milk production and supply for breastfeeding. Vegan + gluten-free.

I’m really excited about sharing this recipe! Before I was even pregnant, I remember looking up lactation cookie recipes to make for friends and I had a really hard time finding any recipes that were actually healthy and not loaded with sugar and white flour. Knowing that some babies don’t do well with dairy and having a lot of friends who are gluten-free, I decided to create a lactation cookie that’s healthier than most, vegan, gluten-free and still delicious!

When recipe testing for these cookies, I made several batches to make sure they were perfect. Lucky for me, this meant that I had plenty on hand to freeze as part of my pre-baby meal prep. I didn’t want to eat too many during testing (because as a pregnant woman you don’t want to start increasing milk supply since your boobs are already getting ready and might start leaking) so I had Isaac taste test them and he LOVED them.

Spoiler alert: it is fine for men to eat these cookies… they won’t start lactating. But feel free to tell your hubby that they will make him lactate if you want to keep all the cookies for yourself. 😉 It can be our little secret.

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