Healthy Low Sugar Pumpkin Bread

Healthy Low Sugar Pumpkin Bread

Sweetened only with maple syrup, this delicious healthy low sugar pumpkin bread is made with whole wheat flour and it’s vegan!

If there’s one thing I love making during the fall months it’s pumpkin bread! It’s loaded with pumpkin flavor, spices and tastes so good with a cup of hot coffee on a crisp fall morning.

That said, most pumpkin breads are far from being a health food. They’re loaded with sugar and lack fiber so I set out to create a pumpkin bread recipe that’s lower in sugar and made with a higher-fiber flour, but still tasty and satisfying.

And I finally found it! This recipe calls for whole wheat pastry flour, which offers a lighter texture than regular whole wheat, only 1/4 cup of maple syrup for the whole batch and if you use a flaxseed egg, it’s totally vegan too.
The whole wheat pastry flour works better than regular whole wheat flour if you’re looking for the light and fluffy bread that regular all-purpose flour provides. If you can’t find whole wheat pastry flour you can also use white whole wheat flour or 1 cup all-purpose and 2/3 cup regular whole wheat.

The coconut sugar and cinnamon topping does add a bit of sugar to the recipe so if you’re really look to keep sugar in check you can omit the topping, but it’s pretty darn tasty and makes for a pretty crust on top of the bread so I wouldn’t recommend skipping it.

I am honestly so excited with how great this bread turned out — it took several test batches to finally land on this recipe but it’s perfect.  The bread is  moist, fluffy, flavorful and not too sweet….

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