Healthy Mexican Layer Dip with Hummus

Healthy Mexican Layer Dip with Hummus

This Healthy Mexican Layer Dip starts with a base of hummus and is packed with fresh veggies. It’s the perfect dip for parties and/or game-day snacking! Made in partnership with Sabra Dipping Co.

If you follow me on social media you already know this, but last week I was invited to Sabra’s Center of Excellence and hummus-making factory. They hosted a group of bloggers (affectionally called the Sabra Tastemakers) from all over the country for the visit. Lucky for me, the facility is located right outside of Richmond so I didn’t have to travel very far. Plus it’s always fun to have a group of awesome bloggers visit and explore your city.

I’ve always loved Sabra’s products and I’ve been a Tastemaker since 2012 so naturally I’m really excited to be teaming up with them again this year. If you want to take a trip down Sabra + EBF memory lane, check out these posts: Mini Zucchini Hummus Pizza Bites, Lentil Kale Stew, Kaleidoscope Salad with Curried Hummus Dressing, my first Sabra factory tour and Sabra’s Hummus House in DC.

Anyhow, the recipe I’m sharing today is for a Mexican Layer Dip with hummus instead of refried beans. I’ve never been a big fan of refried beans so subbing hummus was a no-brainer. To keep with the Mexican flavor profile, I just added a little chili powder, cumin and cayenne to garlic hummus! The rest of the dip is just layers of veggies, beans and a little queso fresco.
I’ll admit that I’ve had some layered dips that have no texture and are basically complete mush. Don’t worry, this is not that kind of layered dip. The…
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