Healthy Superfood Cereal | Eating Bird Food

Healthy Superfood Cereal | Eating Bird Food

Cereal lovers rejoice! This healthy superfood cereal is loaded with nutrient-dense foods, plus it’s gluten free, has no added sugars and packs a nice punch of omega-3s and protein. Put the cereal in a mason jar for easy transport when you need a quick on-the-go breakfast!

Not going to lie, I L-O-V-E cereal. I grew up having it for breakfast almost every morning, as a snack after school and for dessert after dinner. My mom would keep the pantry loaded with at least three to four different boxes at all times and she didn’t make me eat the “healthy cereals” either. We had the good good – Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cinnamon Life, Smacks and Cookie Crisp.

Isaac grew up loving cereal too so we’ll have it as a treat every now and then, but it’s no longer a nightly snack like it was when we first started living together. If I buy cereal now it’s usually for a recipe.

That said, there are still days when I have a craving for a bowl of cereal so that’s where the idea for this healthy superfood cereal came about. I wanted to create something that was cereal-like, but loaded with good for you ingredients.

This cereal blend features a base of raw oats, protein powder, chia seeds, buckwheat groats, coconut, hemp seeds, cinnamon and goji berries. Topped with banana slices and almond milk, it’s crunchy, a little chewy and perfectly sweet — similar to regular cereal, only not because this is actually filling. I’m full after one bowl, rather than headed back to the pantry to load up my bowl a second or third time like I do with packaged cereal.
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