Healthy Watergate Salad | Eating Bird Food

Healthy Watergate Salad | Eating Bird Food

A healthy watergate salad that’s still sweet, fluffy and delicious, but instead of instant pudding mix and marshmallows, we’re using Greek yogurt, coconut whip and real pistachios.

Watergate salad was one of my favorite things to eat growing up. My mom would make it every year for Easter and for summer cookouts.

If you didn’t grow up in the south you might be wondering what the heck watergate salad is, so let me fill you in real fast.
What is Watergate Salad?
This “salad” goes by a lot of names… I’ve always known it as Watergate Salad but apparently, it’s also known as Pistachio Delight, Shut The Gate Salad, Green Goop, Green Fluff or Green Stuff. Lots of official names. 😉 Traditionally it’s made from pistachio pudding mix, canned pineapple, whipped cream, crushed pecans and marshmallows.
How is This a Salad?
I don’t know if this is a southern thing or just old school, but we had so many dessert salads growing up! My mom always made watergate salad and my grandma would make something called strawberry pretzel salad which has a pretzel and butter crust, a layer of whipped cream and cream cheese, all topped with strawberry jello.
And apparently there’s a “salad” called Candy Bar Salad with apples, whipped cream and snickers (so delicious but…?!). Need a walk down memory lane? Check out this round up! LOL!

Making Watergate Salad With Real Food Ingredients
My mom used to make watergate salad “healthy” by using fat-free Cool Whip and sugar-free pistachio pudding mix. I recently looked at the ingredient lists for these items and immediately…

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