How to Make Coconut Butter

How to Make Coconut Butter

Learn how to make coconut butter at home in your blender or food processor (affiliate link)! Once you figure out how easy, inexpensive and delicious it is you’re going to want to spread coconut butter on everything. 

Ohh coconut butter! This delicious spread made from coconut meat. You’re likely familiar with peanut butter and coconut butter is basically the same sort of thing, just made with coconut instead of peanuts. You can enjoy it the same way you’d enjoy any nut butter: as a spread for bread, as a dip for your favorite fruit, in smoothies, protein balls or simply by the spoonful.
I was first introduced to coconut butter a few years ago when I stumbled upon a raw dessert recipe that called for it. I searched my local grocery stores without much success and ultimately just ended up figuring out how to make my own coconut butter at home.

Now you can find coconut butter at almost any natural grocery store (or order it online). That said, one jar can set you back around $15 so making your own is an easy and inexpensive alternative.

Coconut Butter vs. Coconut Oil
Before we get started with how to make coconut butter I just want to point out that there is a BIG difference between coconut butter and coconut oil and they’re used for different things.
Coconut butter is made by grinding dried coconut meat into a paste. So a jar of coconut butter is the pureed meat but it has some coconut oil in there too — just like almond butter has a little almond oil in it.
Coconut oil on the other hand is JUST the oil that’s been extracted from the coconut meat.
When you…

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