How to Make Crunchy Sweet Potato Croutons

How to Make Crunchy Sweet Potato Croutons

Roasted sweet potato croutons are crunchy, sweet and easy to make. They’re the perfect healthy topping for salads and soup!

As a self-proclaimed salad expert, I have a laundry list of salad toppings that I use on the regular. Avocado, chopped apples and roasted nuts are up at the top, but I think my absolute favorite topping is sweet potato. I used to be all about chopping up baked sweet potatoes for salad and I’ve made a sweet potato tuna salad, but today I want to share a new method I’ve been using to make crunchy little sweet potato croutons.

So these sweet potato croutons aren’t anything too complicated or special. They’re literally just sweet potato chunks that are chopped small so that they cook quickly and get a little crunchy.

The roasting time can take anywhere from 15-25 minutes, depending on how large your chunks are, how many sweet potatoes you have on the baking sheet, how much moisture is in the sweet potato itself and how crunchy you want the sweet potatoes to get.
I’m all about the crunch factor and I don’t mind having a few brunt pieces so I roast mine a little longer.

The recipe for these little guys is really easy, but I do have a few pointers for ya:

Keep the sweet potato chunks small and uniform in size, about 1/4 inch.
Make sure to space the sweet potato chunks out on the baking sheet. If they’re too crowded they will steam and never get crunchy.
I tested multiple batches and the parchment lined baking sheet yielded the crispiest croutons. You can use a baking stone as well, but the sweet potatoes didn’t get AS crunchy with this…

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