How to Make Overnight Oats – 4 Ways

How to make overnight oats – 4 different ways! All four recipes are themed around fruity summertime desserts — strawberry shortcake, peach pie, blueberry cobbler and cherry cheesecake. Serve them for breakfast, snack or even dessert… they’re that good!

Do you love oatmeal, but swear it off during the hot summer months because the thought of eating a steamy bowl of oats makes you sweat just thinking about it! I feel ya and I have a solution… overnight oats!If you love oatmeal and also enjoy having a fresh, cold breakfast ready to go when you wake up in the morning, overnight oats are going to be your new BFF. You can eat overnight oats any time of the year, but they’re especially great for the summer months!And what better way to flavor them than with summer fruit?! Yes, these do all share names with desserts… don’t be surprised if I serve them for dessert at a summer BBQ. They’re that good and I can already tell they’d be so adorable served in…

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