How to Replace Garage Door Sensors

Most often, the most common cause of problems you experience when closing your garage door with an opener is that the sensors are faulty. You will find that most garage door openers have infrared sensors. These garage door sensors are situated near the floor on either side of the garage door. The purpose of these sensors is to prevent your door from closing when the beam between them is broken. If your opener is problematic it is more than likely that you may need to replace the garage door sensors.


Things You will Need

  • New garage door sensors
  • A Screwdriver or socket wrench
  • Piece of string

First, you should test the existing sensors and ennsure sure nothing is blocking the sensors. Also, ensure the eyes are not dirty. Then check and see if there is no loose wiring at the sensors. Should you need to replace the sensors you will find new ones at any home improvement centre.

  • Now shut off electrical power to the garage door opener. Then disconnect wiring from the garage door sensors. You can remove the sensors quite easily by unscrewing the mounting screws or just removing the nuts holding the sensors in place.
  • You MUST install new sensors in the exact position where you removed the old sensors. Now tighten the screw or nut until you find it holds the garage door sensors in their place. Remember to always allow for movement if adjustments might become necessary. Now reconnect the wires.
  • You can now align the sensors and you can do so by pulling a string from one to the other. You should make any necessary adjustments.
  • Tighten screws or nuts once you have aligned them correctly. This is to ensure sensors are 100% secured. You must recheck alignment after tightening to make sure sensors did not shift.
  • Finally, turn on the power of the garage door opener. You must test the garage door by closing the door and placing your hand in front of one of the sensors. If the garage door stops and then opens it means the garage door sensors are not working correctly and need adjusting, You will need to adjust the sensor positions until the garage door functions properly.