How to Test Garage Door Sensors

You must test your garage door sensors at least once a month then go to garage door repair.

The garage door openers that are being supplied as from the 2nd of January 1993 all, without exception, make use of the function of a photo-eye sensor system. The purpose of this sensor system is that it will automatically stop the door from closing if there is an obstruction in the path of the closing door.

These sensors work by emitting an infrared beam from one side of the door opening to the other side. In the case of a broken beam, it will ensure the door stops and reverses to the open position. The top companies that supply garage door openers strongly encourage you do the test, explained below, to the garage door sensors and try to do this monthly. It is an easy and quick test and certainly worth the time and beneficial to your safety and security.


Things You’ll Need

  • One large ball
  • Piece of cloth
  • Wrench

Close your garage door by either pushing your garage door opener wall button or pressing the remote control.

  • Now roll a large ball, like a basketball, slowly through the garage door opening. You must do this while the door is closing. The ball you rolled must activate the infrared beam into action. The outcome desired is the door should stop for a moment and then move in the opposite direction.. If you find that the door does not follow this stop and reverse process it is because the photo eye sensors need to be inspected and most probably adjusted.
  • Take the dry cloth and clean the sensors. Allocate the LED lights on each sensor. Both these LED lights must illume. If one of them does not lighten up you have a problem. You can fix this by adjusting the sensors and ensuring that they are set up to communicate with each other.
  • Now use the wrench to loosen the securing screw on the unlit sensor. Keep moving the sensor in a up and down motion and stop when you see the LED is lit and remains lit. It is important to secure the sensor in its correct position by fastening the securing nut.
  • Lastly, use the button, that is located on the wall station, once again. You need to open the garage door to test the sensors after adjusting them. Repeat the process of rolling the ball so that it will pass through the door opening, past the sensors. If the sensors do not detect the ball you have a problem that should be identified and resolved by a professional Garage Door Company.