Kimchi Makin’ Time | Eating Bird Food

Kimchi Makin’ Time | Eating Bird Food

Is it kimchee or is it kimchi? Both seem to be used interchangeably so I’m going to roll with kimchi today.

As I mentioned in my last post, Stephanie, Jesse and I had a little kimchi making party at Stephanie’s house last week. I’ve been wanting to make kimchi since I took a kombucha and kimchi class at Whole Foods over a year ago but never got around to it. Needless to say, I was pumped with Jesse and Stephanie suggested we get together and try making some.

None of us had made kimchi before so we were sort of winging it, but from what I’ve read fermenting vegetables isn’t like baking, you don’t have to measure everything for it to come out tasting good. This worked to our advantage because if you know chef Jesse you know he isn’t one for measuring… especially when it comes to salt. 😉

And he likes to use his hands.
To start, we chopped and grated the veggies and combined all the other ingredients. Then Stephanie used a meat hammer (mallet) to pound the veggies to help them release their juices. (If I put TWSS here it would be so very wrong so I’m going to be an adult and refrain from doing so.)

I did some mixing.

And voila – our kimchi was done! Well not entirely, because we let it ferment for three days, but the chopping, pounding and stirring was done for the evening and our kimchi was packed into jars. As it turns out, making kimchi is much easier than I anticipated!

We all went home with one jar. I let mine ferment for three days, opening it every 24 hours or so to release the gases caused by fermentation. My batch must have had some serious…

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