Lactation Bites

Lactation Bites

These healthy no bake lactation bites are energy-boosting and include ingredients known to help with milk supply including brewer’s yeast and oats.

Before I even got pregnant, I knew I wanted to try breastfeeding. I know everyone’s breastfeeding journey is different so I didn’t want to put any pressure or expectations on myself, but I did want to at least try.

With that in mind, I started prepping for my breastfeeding journey. I ordered my breast pump and read articles/books to get all the tips and tricks I could before the baby arrived. I also researched which foods are best to keep your milk supply up and help with milk production. I shared these in my lactation cookie post as well, but here’s an overview:
Foods Known to Help With Breast Milk Supply

Oats – One of the reasons for decreased milk supply is low iron levels. Oats are super high in iron so some studies have shown that oats help with milk production. Lucky for me, I love oatmeal and enjoy eating it daily.
Brewer’s yeast – read more about this below.
Flaxseed – Flaxseed is high in omega-3 fatty acids (which are great for baby) and it also contain phytoestrogens that can influence breast milk production.
Barley – Whole barely is the richest dietary source of beta-glucan, a polysaccharide that has been shown to increase prolactin (aka the breastfeeding hormone).
Fennel – Like flaxseed, fennel and its seeds contain phytoestrogens, which are known to help with milk production. If you’re looking for ways to include whole fennel in your diet, I love these recipes: crackling…

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