Lentil Tuna Salad

Lentil Tuna Salad

This lentil tuna salad combines beluga lentils with canned tuna, fresh veggies and a turmeric dressing. It’s absolutely delicious and perfect for sharing at summer cookouts and parties. I received free samples and compensation by Genova in exchange for recipe development. All opinions are my own. 

You know the feeling when you make a recipe and realize it’s pretty much amazing? It’s one of those recipes you mark down as a favorite, bookmark it if it’s in a cookbook or pin it if it’s online. You’re so excited about it that you want to share it with everyone you see, but instead you eat it all yourself in two days because it’s so good and you can’t resist.
Well, that’s what happened to me recently. You would think this might happen with some amazing dessert, but for me it happened with this lentil tuna salad.

Of course it happened with salad for me…. the salad obsession continues.

Anyhow, I’m super excited about this particular salad because it’s loaded with tons of healthy ingredients, has a flavorful dressing and is the perfect dish to bring to a summer cookout or bbq.

One of my best tips for eating healthfully at summer cookouts is to bring a healthy dish to share. That way you know there’s at least one nutritious thing to enjoy and you get to introduce your friends and family to something healthy and delicious.
That said, most of your standard bbq side dishes are pretty heavy on the carbs and fat without a ton of protein, but this one has the full package of carbs, healthy fats and protein from the tuna and lentils.
You could…

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