Mediterranean Lentil Salad

Mediterranean Lentil Salad

This Mediterranean lentil salad marries sautéed tomatoes, fresh basil and feta with steamed lentils for a hearty, flavorful vegetarian meal that takes less than 20 minutes to prepare!

I’m really excited because I’ve found another easy weeknight dinner to add to my arsenal! This lentil salad is quick, delicious and perfect for all seasons because it can be served warm or cold.

Pre-Cooked Steamed Lentils
You can totally plan ahead and cook your own lentils, but this dish is an absolute breeze to whip up with pre-cooked, steamed lentils. I’ve seen steamed lentils at different grocery stores in the produce section. Stores like Kroger carry the Melissa’s steamed lentils and steamed lentils are one of  my favorite items to buy from Trader Joe’s.

Pre-cooked lentils are perfect for tossing together quick protein-packed vegetarian meals. Usually I just serve them as a side or use them as a salad topper, but recently I decided to spruce them up a little. The result is this lentil salad recipe I’m sharing with you today.

Ingredients in this Mediterranean Lentil Salad
You only need a handful of ingredients to make this lentil salad:

lentils – again, I love buying pre-cooked lentils, but you can always cook your own too!
garlic and red onion
balsamic vinegar
olive oil and sea salt
fresh basil

How to Make Lentil Salad
This lentil salad is one of the easiest salad recipes I’ve ever shared, especially if you’re using pre-cooked lentils.
That said, if you aren’t using pre-cooked lentils, cook the lentils according to…

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