Meta Picture

It is a play written in order to reveal the ridiculous aspects of people and events, to make the audience laugh and think. It is believed that under every ridiculous thing there is a bitter truth to be taught.

Meta Picture Comedy features include

  • It takes its subject from the life and daily events.
  • People can be any kind of people from the people and from the higher level.
  • All kinds of jokes are included.
  • All kinds of behaviors of people are shown on stage.
  • Consists of consecutive dialogue and choral parts.
  • Written in verse.
  • Three unity rules are followed.
  • The humorous and incomplete aspects of the human character are described as character comedy, those who describe the humorousness of society, honorary comedy, and the intriguing works of events are called intrigue comedy.
  • The comedy was written in prose after the 17th century.
  • The authors of the genre are Greek-Aristophanes and French Moliere.

We can categorize comedies into three categories:

Metapicture of Character Comedy

It is a kind of comedy that is ridiculously and ridiculously handling human imperfections that we often encounter in daily life on stage. The best example of this type of comedy is Moliere’s “Miser”.

Metapicture of Honor Comedy

It is a kind of comedy that critically processes traditions and deals with the deficiencies of a society. There is a social critique in honor comedies.

Metapicture of Intrigue Comedy

Rather than giving a message to the curiosity of the audience, comedies are only intended to make you laugh. In the node section of the events, the audience’s sense of curiosity is high, while in the solution section, events are revealed. This species has been alleviated a bit and is now known as vaudeville. The first work that comes to mind in this genre is Shakespeare’s Comedy of Mistakes.

Metapicture Features of Comedy

  • It is a kind of theater that deals with the ridiculous aspects of people and societies.
  • It has the purpose of making the audience think while laughing and giving lectures on certain subjects.
  • He chooses his subjects from ordinary but funny events in daily life.
  • In comedies, people are chosen from ordinary people living on the streets.
  • Three unity rules are followed.
  • They are written in verse.
  • During the game, rough jokes, images (such as killing and wounding.) And words are included.
  • The game consists of five chapters and is not interrupted until the end.
  • Chorus also plays an important role in the game.
  • Comedies take different names according to their subjects.
  • He is one of the leading figures in the comedy genre known as the Greek Aristophanes and the French Moliere.