Miso Broiled Salmon | Eating Bird Food

Miso Broiled Salmon | Eating Bird Food

This miso broiled salmon with fresh ginger, scallions and a sweet, savory miso glaze is so easy to make and it tastes like something you’d order at a fancy restaurant!

This recipe was originally posted in 2010, but I am reposting it because it’s been updated and the photos are new. Enjoy!

A few weeks ago I spotted this recipe for Broiled Salmon with a Miso Glaze in an email from Fitness Magazine and decided it would a good way to use some of the miso I had on hand. I hit up Whole Food’s for fresh salmon, ginger, scallions and of course came home with some other necessities goodies as well.

We got dinner together in all of 15 minutes. Seriously! The fish required a simple sauce and about eight minutes of cooking. While the salmon was broiling I heated up a little frozen edamame and organic brown rice. And voila — a delicious dinner was served.

The salmon was excellent! Isaac and I both couldn’t stop marveling over how good it tasted. The flavor from the miso glaze really infused itself into the fish and although the top got a little crispy from the boiler — those bites were actually my favorite.
Just in case you’re unfamiliar, miso is a fermented soybean (or chickpea) paste. It’s used frequently in Japanese cooking, keeps for months in the fridge and adds a savory, salty flavor to soups, sauces, marinades and salad dressings.  Typically the lighter the miso, the milder and sweeter its flavor. This recipe works great with white miso, which is the mildest variety you’ll find. Look for miso in the refrigerated section of your grocery store. You may…

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