No Bake Coconut Quinoa Cookies

No Bake Coconut Quinoa Cookies

Classic no-bake cookies get a healthy upgrade with the addition of quinoa flakes. They’re the perfect sweet treat for the holiday season. Gluten-free & vegan. 

You know what makes Mondays in December better than all the other Mondays? Christmas music! I currently jamming out to A Very She & Him Christmas and it’s making my Monday morning so much better. Mariah is next! I’m also sipping coffee… a HUGE cup.
Baking cookies for Christmas is one my favorite holiday traditions. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but every year the ladies in my family get together for a holiday cookie bake. We bake all morning before our family holiday celebration and bring a bunch of treats to share with everyone. There are a few cookie staples that we make year after year (like Nanny’s Crescent Cookies) but we always try out a few new recipes as well. I like to make at least one healthier option so a few years ago I revamped our recipe for the Chocolate No Bake Cookies, one of my absolute favorite holiday cookies. This year I’m doing it again… with the help of Ancient Harvest.

I fell in love with using quinoa flour  for gluten-free baking a last year (these Quinoa Gingersnap Cookies sealed the deal) and now quinoa flour is one of my go-to flours. It works in pretty much any recipe! This year I wanted to test out quinoa quinoa flakes, which are similar to oatmeal. I immediately decided I needed a quinoa no bake cookie and went to work creating a version with quinoa flakes and desiccated coconut.

They turned out to be quite delicious… obviously. Peanut butter, chocolate…

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