Paint a Popcorn Ceiling

Painting a popcorn ceiling for an upcoming event is moderately easy to do. Popcorn ceilings have a rough texture and basically are pieces of unfinished drywall. To get started, empty the room, choose your method of painting, and gather your supplies. There are two ways to paint a popcorn, or acoustical, ceiling. The first method is to use a synthetic or lamb’s wool roller. Using a roller is far more laborious. The second method involves using a sprayer. This way allows you to work faster.

Begin by moving all furniture out of the room. Put drop cloths down to cover the floors. Take down light fixtures or securely wrap them in plastic. If the ceiling has never been painted, it will be porous and need more coats of paint. Repair any water damage, cracks and holes prior to putting on the first coat of paint. Always wear protective clothing, including protective eye wear.

If you go with the roller method, lamb’s wool rollers are recommended. Put the paint in five gallon buckets. Dip the roller in the bucket and then use a screen to wipe away excess paint. Use straight strokes with light pressure. A small brush will be necessary to paint where the walls and ceiling meet. Plan on painting at least two coats. Give the paint three hours to dry between coatings.

Small, airless spray pumps are best for popcorn ceilings. This easy method allows you to spray two coats of paint within a four hour period. Be sure to choose the right spray tip for your pump considering the type of paint you’re using. Test the sprayer before painting your ceiling to ensure you’ve got the right flow and pattern. Choose which direction you will work in and keep it for the length of the ceiling. When you spray the second coat, work in the opposite direction.